Nicole Kidman also sings. Users admired the voice of the actress

Nicole Kidman knows exactly how to surprise. Thus, on her social network page, the actress published a video in which she and actor Luke Evans performed the song Say Something.

As they say, a talented person is talented in everything.‘Thank you dear for asking me to be a part of this duo.’ wrote the actress.

Nicole’s fans were delighted. ‘It’s so beautiful, Nick,’ ‘I like your voice, Nicole,’ ‘You should sing more often,’ ‘That’s great,’ fans supported the Hollywood star.

By the way, the actress recently published a photo with a perfect belly, which we all envied (let’s just remind you that the actress is 55 years old). I wonder what else we have to learn about the star?

Nicole Kidman is one of the most famous and successful Hollywood actresses.She appears a lot in movies and serials and seems to have no shortage of job offers.

However, the star admitted that she had to face age discrimination.Kidman said that she did not get the role only because of her age.

There is a belief in the industry that the careers of female actresses end around the age of 40. You’ve expired is the phrase.

The actress noted that there were times when she was rejected and shown the door.

Nicole added that actresses have to be very strong to fight for themselves and their careers, despite the fact that, in her opinion, the state of the industry is improving.

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