This man lost his mother when he was still small. It seemed that there was no hope, but 15 years later they met again. Look how unexpectedly they met

This incident happened in India. A resident of Calcutta, Mitrajit lost his mother when he was still a child. It seemed that there was no hope, but 15 years later they met again.

According to some reports, Mitrajid’s mother, arguing with her husband, left the family and went to Delhi to build a career as a lawyer.

He succeeded, he got a job in the Supreme Court of India. The connection with her husband and son was completely cut off.

However, in 2012, Rama’s career failed. In one of the court hearings, he was diagnosed with schizophrenia.

He ended up at the Institute of Human Behavior and Allied Sciences, where he spent about 9 months for treatment, after which he was discharged.

However, the mental problems were not solved in any way, and soon the woman lost her job. He ended up first on the street, and then in a state shelter for the homeless.

In 2015, she found refuge in a shelter for women affected by domestic violence.

There, the woman finally received all the help she needed and her health improved greatly. All that time he knew that somewhere he had a son.

However, he could not remember his name. Finally, in 2020, he remembered that his son was called Mitrajid. And decided to find it.The employees of the center helped him in that matter.

However, the first attempt ended in collapse, the only thing they learned about Rama’s family was that they moved from Calcutta.

Next time he decided to turn to the Internet for help. Earlier, the Internet had already helped connect other families.

The answer did not take long. The employees of the center wrote a letter to the Facebook page opened in the son’s name.After that they started dating.

At first, they communicated by phone and video message. And they even met in November of this year. According to the woman, she did not recognize her grown-up son from the very beginning.

Despite the long separation, mother and son do not feel uncomfortable or isolated. They even plan to visit Mitrajit’s father soon to make the family reunion complete.

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