The woman left her husband alone with the children for 2 days. She received an interesting letter from her husband

It was an ordinary evening.The husband had returned home from work.He wanted to relax and watch football alone.

Family affairs were not for him. And the woman’s patience ran out.

She slammed the door and left, leaving her husband with the children.

It is not worth talking about the fact that after that the whole world of the father was mixed up.

The man could neither eat nor sleep normally, nor even go to the toilet.Children needed constant attention and care.Just two days later, the wife receives an interesting letter from her husband.

‘Hello! We recently had an argument. When I came back it was late, I just wanted to relax a bit. I understand that at that moment you were also very tired, and your mood was not so good.’

I remember how the children didn’t listen to you, and you managed all that alone, and I just ignored those problems.

I remember how you once asked me to help and I said that I go and work all day so that you can sit at home and play with the children.

I remember what unpleasant things I said to you, and you couldn’t stand it and left, leaving us alone.

These days, I’ve come to understand what it means to stay with the kids.I couldn’t go anywhere, talk to someone, relax.

I couldn’t even sleep normally.I had to watch the children regularly, and yes, I couldn’t even eat properly.

As a result of all that, I realized that being a mother means sacrificing yourself for others.I realized your job is more complicated than mine.

I realized that you sacrificed everything you have for the sake of the children, for the sake of our family.Just know, I admire you, I’m proud of you, that you can do such a difficult job so well.”

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