You will be moved when you know why this person came to the stadium in such a dirty and disheveled state. See what happened and what the public and social media response was

Shakhter immediately after work brought his son to the match. He didn’t have time to wash himself and became a social media star.

John Calipari, the famous coach of the team, noticed a little black man at the game of the NCAA team ‘Kentucky’. He also made a post that collected more than 170 thousand likes.

‘This man came to see my team immediately after the shift. I don’t know who this is, but I have VIP tickets for his family.’

The hero’s wife came to the comments and revealed his name. Michael Maguire. The man really works on the mine.

That day he went on shift at 4:45 in the morning, worked for 12 hours and with difficulty managed to take his son to the evening game of his favorite team.

‘I had to sacrifice time in my heart for the sake of the child’s happiness. But now the Maguire family will watch the game ‘Wildcats’ from the coolest places .

And Michael himself is already called “Father of the Year’

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