Kate Middleton was frightened before meeting Charles for the first time, but the King now has a different plan for her.

Over ten years ago, Kate Middleton joined the Royal Family.

It would be an understatement to say that her position is crucial given that she is the wife of a future king and the mother of a second child; she married Prince William at Westminster Abbey in 2011.

In fact, Kate’s position inside the Royal Family has grown somewhat important, so it’s fortunate that she has maintained strong ties with the other members of the family.

Not least with Camilla and her father-in-law King Charles.Over time, Kate’s relationship with the King and Camilla has deepened, and she has always been welcomed with open arms ever since they first met

Now that King Charles is in charge, it seems that Kate will play an even bigger role inside the monarchy.

Queen Elizabeth II with Prince Harry
Kate Middleton was not yet 20 years old when she first met William.

Kate and William both attended the University of St. Andrews in Scotland as students. Although Kate was initially reserved, the couple is claimed to have met through friends.

In fact, Kate recounted, ‘I actually turned bright crimson when I saw you and scooted off feeling extremely nervous about seeing you.’

It took some time for us to get to know each other because William wasn’t around for a significant portion of the first few months, starting with Fresher’s Week.

At first, the two developed a close friendship before falling in love. Kate and William started dating, and in 2006, she made her debut as the Prince’s girlfriend in a formal appearance.

When Kate and William fell in love and later got engaged, Kate’s life abruptly changed. All of a sudden, she was being prepared for a life in the Royal Family with all the customs and obligations that go along with it.

Even though the concept of becoming a member of the Royal Family is frequently seen to be fairly opulent, it must be terrifying for some to make such a significant adjustment in one’s life.

Establishing a strong connection and relationship with the other family members, especially the in-laws, is crucial, just like in any other family.

King Charles and Kate Middleton’s relationship
She didn’t have to be. Her initial meeting with the Prince was reportedly a great success.

In 2010, Kate remarked, ‘I was rather worried about meeting William’s father, but he was quite welcome and very pleasant.’ Really, it couldn’t have been much simpler for me.

Additionally, Kate wasn’t the only one who was anxious about meeting her in-laws. It turns out that William was as well, despite the fact that their initial meeting went well.

In their engagement video, Carole and Michael Middleton’s parents were praised by William as having a ‘really close family,’ with whom he gets along well, and who have been supportive of him.

‘Mike and Carole have been extremely kind, considerate, enjoyable, and welcome to me.

Therefore, I’ve felt like a true member of the family, and I hope Kate feels the same way about mine,” he continued.

Following her meeting with William, Kate made multiple trips to the Queen’s estate in Scotland, Balmoral.

She spent a lot of time at the estate getting to know Charles as well as getting to know the Queen, which helped create the groundwork for their strong friendship and close relationship.

Kiss of King Charles
Today, we are aware that Kate’s integration has gone smoothly overall. Kate and William just moved into Adelaide Cottage on the grounds of Windsor Castle while busy raising their three adorable children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.

Photographs of the two show Charles kissing his daughter-in-law on the cheek as they embrace. Earlier this year, at the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, photographers captured another priceless moment.

Kate and William greeted Charles and Camilla as they entered St. Paul’s Cathedral for the Platinum Jubilee thanksgiving service before taking their seats.

Kate Middleton’s new strategy under King Charles
She said that Charles believed William and Kate’s tour to the US and Canada had too many ‘tasteless’ photo opportunities in her book, Prince Charles: The Passions and Paradoxes of an Improbable Life.

In addition, the future King believed they were acting too much like a ‘camera-friendly couple’ and treating the trip more like a vacation than a business trip.

So what did Kate and William do? Well, in one image, the duo was clad in cowboy hats. It was done in recognition of hitting the button that started the annual rodeo festival known as the Calgary Stampede in Calgary, Alberta.

Following the Queen’s death, King Charles now occupies the British throne, and it is rumored that he may make some changes to the monarchy.

In fact, he appears to have a well-thought-out strategy on how to approach the job in many ways.

According to earlier rumors, King Charles intended to amend the law to bar non-working royals from serving as counselors of state.

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