This 19-year-old girl became an Internet star because of her husband’s unemployment. Here’s what she did

19-year-old Lada is famously beaten because of her husband, who refuses to work.

This young girl is an example for many that sometimes you don’t have to give up and sit down, even when you don’t want to live.She is a true fighter.

So young and in so much trouble

Lada Korolevo is not yet 20 years old, but she is already a mother of two children.She recently had her second child and started working 3 days after giving birth.

The reason is very simple, the husband is lazy and the children need to be fed.

Lada works as a courier.She carries goods every day.She always takes the eldest child with her. Apart from the delivery job, she also does two other jobs.

The girl recently decided to file for divorce. She no longer has the strength and desire to support her husband.

She got married at the age of 17, against the will of her mother, who tried to prevent the girl from taking such a decisive step.

At that time, Lada broke off all kinds of relations with her mother on the advice of her husband.

After the media coverage, many people wanted to help the girl, but she stated that she can achieve her goals on her own.

Also, she reconciled with her mother.Recently agreed to take her eldest granddaughter with her until Lada gets back on her feet.

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