Watching this video is so much pleasure. A 94-year-old grandfather enjoys riding his walker with his cat.

My grandfather turned 94 today, the granddaughter said. His one and only request was to visit and ‘ride’ my cat.

A priceless video of an old man at his home using a walker is shown. At first it looks like he’s just strolling, but as he approaches the camera, it becomes clear that guy is carrying a cute kitty on his walker.

He is enjoying himself while going through the living room with the cat. He really loves animals.

‘Ok so far?’ he asks while grinning and glancing at the camera. The granddaughter laughs, and they both enjoy sharing this memories. He keeps strolling, as we can see.

This may seem like an odd request for a 94th birthday, but this loving family is truly happy at the moment.

The little things can sometimes make us feel the most grateful for the lives that God has given us.

This individual demonstrates that we may have fun and have cause to celebrate even in ordinary settings.

I really admire this man’s mindset. Many people experience sadness and frustration as they age. He seems to be accepting it with a heart of gratitude.

We can all be grateful for another year of life instead of being depressed over seeing a higher number.

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