It’s never too late to make your dreams come true. This 90-year-old woman is a shining example. You will be thrilled to know about her big dream

It is never too late to pursue your goals. Even in old age, you can still achieve many of the goals you set for yourself when you were younger.

Many people’s dream is to graduate. Many people have had to drop out of high school or college due to a variety of life circumstances, but many still want to return and complete their education.

That was the case for one senior woman, who had hoped to acquire her GED after dropping out of high school decades before — and witnessed her dream come true at the age of 90.

According to WLOX, Ellouise Lewis of Gulport, Mississippi, had to drop out of high school in the 10th grade. She admits that not graduating is still one of her biggest regrets in life.

Ellouise just had her wish come true, thanks to the kind personnel of Gulfport Care Center, her nursing home.

Ellouise’s dream was discovered by Activity Director Lisa Perdue, who found a local Christian-based learning facility, Wells of SouthGate, that could assist the senior in obtaining her GED.

Ellouise sat down and began studying in order to pass a mock test given by the learning center.

She passed the exam and was awarded an honorary GED. While it is not an official GED, she did meet the qualifications for one.

Ellouise received her certificate from the learning center during a ceremony at the nursing home. Ellouise, clad in a graduation gown, burst into tears as she realized a lifelong ambition.

‘I was overjoyed when they told me here that I could acquire my GED. ‘I’m still content,’ she told WLOX. ‘Excuse me, but knowing that I can do this makes me happy.’ ‘I never had the opportunity to graduate until today.’

‘Being able to make this happen is a blessing for me and my teammates,’Lisa Perdue said.

Ellouise is the learning center’s first honorary GED recipient. Leonard Martin, who gave the certificate to the 90-year-old, said it was ‘wonderful to be part’ and hoped that more people will “follow in her footsteps.’

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