This is purely for entertainment reasons. A father and son put on a spectacular ‘Dueling Banjos’ routine.

A father and kid walk onto the stage as the congregation applauds. Both the parent and the kid have instruments:

the dad plays the banjo, while the kid plays the guitar. The small boy’s face lights up as they start to play together.

The boy learns to play by emulating his father’s style. The father plays more complex melodic lines, but the small son can keep up. They applaud in the square. To play the same games as his dad.

Adorable family time together. Even just remembering their time spent training together is a great sight to behold.

After a minute of silence, the two start harmonizing, playing together, and stealing the show.

Each and every member of the audience will be applauding your polished performance.They put in a lot of time and effort into this performance, and it shows that they enjoy making music together.

In a ‘call and answer’ style tune, just when you think they’ve played their fastest, they raise it up a notch.

As this young youngster looks up to his talented father as a role model, so too are we required to follow in the footsteps He has set for us. In Him, He makes us shine and allows us to grow to our full potential.

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