Video of Dwayne Johnson washing his daughter’s hands while singing the ‘Moana’ theme tune has gone viral.

A touching video of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson teaching his daughter, who is named after the Disney princess Moana, a hand-washing regimen was posted to Instagram.

The ex-wrestler turned actor gave the voice of the shape-shifting demigod Maui in Disney’s 2016 animated film ‘Moana.’

He continued to sing, ‘Honestly, child, I could go on and on,’ while Tiana watched intently. For every natural phenomenon, I have an explanation. Ah, the ocean, the grass, and the ground! All by himself, Maui was cracking jokes.

The child’s intermittent giggles at the sink showed that she was having a great time playing about with her dad.

When he got to the perfect spot in the song to change a lyric, he said, ‘The pandemic has got to go!’

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