Becoming queen has changed her. Camilla Parker Bowles was rude to Kate Middleton

Queen Elizabeth II died on September 8.She is surrounded by her closest people.The news of the Queen’s death shocked the whole world.A ten-day mourning was announced in Britain, after which it took place.

The funeral was attended by all members of the royal family, except for little Prince Louis. Kate Middleton appeared with older children, Princess Charlotte and Prince George.

The children did not behave so well when parting with the queen. According to The Sun, Prince George pinched his sister, who turned and shouted at him. Some members of the royal family, including Meghan Markle, found it funny.

But for whom it was not funny at all, it was Camille Parker-Bowles.She frowned, pointed at Charlotte and rudely said to Kate.

‘Take him!’ That moment, of course, appeared on the Internet and caused the anger of Internet users.

It is known to everyone and there are many materials on the Internet that the younger members of the royal family do not follow the rules that much.They are often in the news for their bad deeds.

It should be noted that the biography of the new queen states that William was against his children calling Camilla Grandma.

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