How Ryan Reynolds went from trucker to Hollywood star!

Actor Ryan Reynolds is actually a Canadian-American national treasure. He was born in Vancouver, but left his mark in Hollywood.

Reynolds is known to have a great sense of humor. It is not surprising that the most successful films with him are comedies.

Few people know that Ryan has also performed well in dramatic roles.We are sure that you still don’t know much about this handsome man.But we will fix it.

Ryan was born in a family that has nothing to do with art.His parents were engaged in trade: his father was a wholesaler, and his mother was a saleswoman.

There were also three older Ryan brothers in the family.Until the age of 13, the boy and acting did not intersect at all.

But then Reynold was moved by the idea of ​​becoming an actor.True, at first there were few successes.And because of that, Ryan quickly threw up his hands.

The young man left his hobby and went to get a technical education. Fortunately for us, Ryan eventually realized that he needed to try his hand at a creative profession. He left school and drove to conquer Los Angeles.

The actor is not ashamed of the fact that things don’t work out for him right away. On the contrary, he is proud of the fact that he came this way.

Reynolds worked as a loader at a supermarket in the 1990s.And he remembers that time not with disgust, but with affection.

Ryan moved to Los Angeles because he acted in low-budget and almost unknown films and TV shows. Among them are ‘Sabrina the Teenage Witch’, ‘The X-Files’, ‘The Clinic’, ‘Yes, No, Bi’, ‘King of Parties’ and others.

He began to notice the novice actor.The film ‘The Proposal’ with Sandra Bullock was successful for him.

Then Ryan was even nominated for various awards. But this was not the limit of Reynolds’ success. World fame came to him after the main role in the movie ‘Deadpool’.

Probably, being a superhero is the dream of many boys. Reynolds also wanted to be like that, at least on screen, from a young age.

But his success in Deadpool came from a failed attempt at another superhero. It’s about Green Lantern. Ryan played this character in the DC movie of the same name.

Oh, how they teased him after that. Especially over his suit. Ryan says that he does not regret participating in the film, despite the complete collapse of the tape.

However, during the shooting of the film, Reynold overcame his great fear. He was afraid of heights after a failed parachute jump.Green Lantern healed Ryan.

And then there was Deadpool. This is a good example of how our mistakes and failures only make us stronger and more experienced.

Interestingly, as Deadpool, Ryan rarely showed his face. Nevertheless, after participating in this film, he was nominated for the prestigious ‘Golden Globe’ award.

True, I had to give way to another giant of the film industry, also Ryan, only to Gosling.

Although Ryan Reynolds’ filmography was most successful in comedies, his dramatic roles, where he played serious characters, deserve attention.

For example, Reynolds himself considers his role in the 2010 film ‘Buried Around’ to be his greatest achievement.

Ryan’s hero woke up in a coffin underground with only a phone and a lighter.Playing on tape was tough both mentally and physically.

Imagine how long Ryan lay still in one position during filming. There was a moment when he even lost consciousness.It was not in the script.

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