Nobody anticipated the officers would steal the event when Kelly Clarkson encouraged them to sing on stage…

At the Kansas City event, Kelly surprised a few of her friends by inviting them up on stage to perform a duet.

Two Kansas Highway Patrol officers entered the stage fully dressed. They immediately took control of the situation.

The two uniformed soldiers took the stage and sang the well-known song ‘Stand By Me,’ which thrilled the crowd.

Kelly was standing in the background, adding harmonies to their song. One of the officers was such a natural on stage that he seemed destined for a singing career.

By the song’s midpoint, everyone in the audience was singing and dancing. Kelly supported the two men while sipping wine.

A police officer was asked to tell his wife about his romantic experiences. It has a lot in common with a concert.

He was singing ‘Earth, Wind, and Fire” at a karaoke bar when his wife first caught his attention.

Kelly admitted that he had a natural talent for singing, so it made sense that his wife had just seen him.

Kelly continued by complimenting the officer on his stage presence. Because music has a way of bringing people together, it was decided to let the cops sing in order to foster a sense of community.

Kelly thought that even though it is inaccurate, people frequently mistake police officers for being by themselves in the neighborhood.

The police performance thrilled the spectators. Although everyone needs cops, the audience felt that these two might easily transition to singing as a second career.

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