Tina Turner has sent her ultimate goodbyes to her fans after enduring PTSD, cancer, and a stroke.

Tina bids farewell to her fans after decades in the limelight, with ‘Simply The Best’ being one of the one hundred hits she recorded.

She was born in Nutbush on November 26, 1939, to Floyd and Zelma Bullock. They were tenant farmers.

Tina recounted in an interview with Rolling Stone, ‘We were prosperous farmers – that’s the best way I can describe it.’ It appeared like we were living well.’

‘My sister and I had a separate bedroom. Each season, we received new clothing, and I was always clean and well-groomed, especially compared to the majority of people in my vicinity.’

We were never hungry. Obviously, we realized there was a distinction between our family and, for example, the daughters of schoolteachers, who were educated.

My parents were not particularly intelligent, but they had a great deal of common sense and spoke well. We were not low-class individuals.

In reality, my parents were churchgoers; my father served as a church deacon.’Her mother abandoned the family when she was just 10 years old, and her father followed suit three years later. They had a tumultuous upbringing, to say the least.

She states, ‘My parents weren’t mine, and I wasn’t theirs, so when they departed, it was as if they had always been gone from my perspective.’

‘If you ask my sister Alline, you may receive different responses since she may have been affected differently by the event.’ I’ve never asked her what she thought of their departure; isn’t that incredible?

Her professional career began in Missouri. She never envisioned herself as a professional singer with this level of popularity.

As a child, all she knew was that she desired to dance and sing. Ike Turner spotted something extraordinary in Tina and made her a star.

Six decades have passed since her humble beginnings, and she has earned numerous prizes throughout the years, including a Grammy.

Her profession was extremely successful, but her life was full of ups and downs that wreaked havoc on her health.

She suffered from renal insufficiency, cancer, and a stroke. Following a cancer diagnosis, her colon was also removed.

Turner wrote, ‘I know that my medical journey is far from over.’ ‘But I’m still here, and we’re closer than we thought. Looking back, I can comprehend why my karma was the way it was.

She continued: ‘Good came from adversity. Joy resulted from suffering. And I have never been happier than I am right now.’ Tina will use the film to say her final goodbyes, as it was recently broadcast by HBO.

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