Infinite love of a daughter. Shakira touched her fans with a beautiful video with her father

How bad things have happened to Shakira recently. But the singer shows incredible endurance.There were also daddy issues for the sad breakup with Gerard Pique.

Shakira’s father is sick, and she needs constant care and attention from relatives.

Shakira is a model daughter, no doubt. She recently posted a video online of herself helping her dad warm his feet.

The video clip not only touched the fans of the singer, but even made many people cry.

‘And life is what happens between hospital visits and Halloween costumes,’ Shakira wrote in one of her latest posts.

The singer shared a video in which she helps her father to lengthen his legs.Shakira’s father is 91 years old.

He ended up in the hospital in the spring after a bad fall. Shakira later took him home. But doctors and hospitals did not disappear from life after that.

Shakira’s fans were touched by the care and warmth with which she helps her father. Immediately Shakira herself moved her father’s limbs, and then when he tried to do it on her own, her daughter was so genuinely happy with every movement.

And then Shakira kissed her father’s bare feet. It was incredibly exciting.Fans called Shakira an exemplary mother and a wonderful daughter.

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