The actor and his wife, Camila Alves McConaughey, discuss the differences between their hopes for their children and the reality they’ve found.

In an exclusive interview, Alves revealed that decades before they met, she and her husband had similar desires for parenting at about the same ages.

Even though they prefer to keep the most of their personal information private, Alves and McConaughey have revealed certain specifics of their first encounter.

The actor said that it was love at first sight, but Alves disagreed.They fell in love after meeting in a club in Los Angeles in 2006.

Nobody identified themselves to McConaughey. due of his intense attraction to the woman he saw at the pub on Sunset Boulevard. Instead, he asked, ‘What is that?’in awe.

‘That’ was Alves, who at the age of 15 emigrated to the US from Brazil and started her modeling career at the age of 19. The instant chemistry between McConaughey and Alves was noted.

He made light of the fact that his Portuguese and Spanish were at their highest levels ever that evening.

Due to the fact that he had kept his identity a secret that evening, Alves took longer to warm up to him.

The children’s book’s author said that McConaughey’s shaggy beard and big Rasta hat initially made her think she didn’t recognize him. Alves went to his house but stayed in his guest room after he eventually won her over.

Three days after their first meeting, the ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ star surprised Alves by cooking her dinner and brought her to his Malibu home.

After that, it was impossible to separate them. I wanted to go on a date again the next time, McConaughey said, according to the quote. And I’ve wanted to date her for the past nine years.

Alves and McConaughey started having children even before getting married, possibly because they both knew how much time children would take up in their lives at an early age.

Jim, the actor’s father, is to blame because he wanted to start a family at the age of just eight. McConaughey learned from Jim to always address older folks as ‘sir’ and ‘ma’am.’

Levi inherited McConaughey’s attention to detail.

After meeting several of Jim’s friends and addressing each one as ‘sir,’ McConaughey’s eight-year-old mind discovered that they all were fathers.

According to McConaughey, the fact that they had children constituted them ‘sirs.’ Since then, the actor has considered becoming a father and having kids to be the ‘final example’ of what it means to be a ‘sir’ and the height of male achievement.

She told AmoMama, according to Alves, that she had known she wanted kids ever since she was a young adolescent. Levi, their first son, was thus born in July 2008.

McConaughey asserted that he had been by Alves’ side throughout the birth and expressed excitement for their impending “biggest” adventure—raising Levi—together.

Levi, who is currently 13 years old, resembles his well-known father to a tee. The child, according to McConaughey, is the most considerate person he has ever met. He also noted that his son inherited his meticulous outlook.

Vida, the third child of Alves and McConaughey, was born in January 2010. Even though she is only 12 years old, Vida gained notoriety for sharing the life lessons she and her brothers were teaching their father. She clarified:

‘You constantly correct us and then come back to us to explain why. But most of the time, we act like…’ We understood the meaning right away.

January 2012. Given his reliance on her, Livingston was the most challenging of her three children to raise, the mother of three admitted.

Alves confessed that the scenario was ‘horrendous’ since he would cry and have fits so frequently. Fortunately, after turning four, the boy quickly outgrew that stage.

It’s crucial to listen to your youngster and understand their perspective.The adaptability of her three children has now made Alves both proud and impressed.

She claimed that they had traveled about excessively as a result of her career, but her children never had trouble adjusting and learned new skills wherever they went.

Alves complimented their children for being courageous, perceptive, and endowed with ‘hearts full of charity,’ and they also share their love of photography.

During the coronavirus lockdown, Levi, Vida, and Livingston delighted their parents by taking images of McConaughey for his magazine covers.

The actor acknowledged that they were ‘starting to get good at it.’ Alves noted that her children did their chores like making their beds and folding their clothes because it made them feel good.

Alves only needs three kids, despite McConaughey’s desire for ‘eight more babies.’ However, she did impart to AmoMama one of the most essential parenting skills: understanding their varied stages. Alves argues

In order to guide your child, you must comprehend their viewpoint and pay attention to their opinions, even when they disagree from your own.

The Brazilian author claimed that because every child is different, it is important to take it into account. Once parents understand this, they will stop worrying so much about minor details.

Alves stated that one of the parenting tips she offered really served as inspiration for her most current children’s book, ‘Just Try One Bite.’

It was published on March 22 and tells the story of three kids who try to get their parents to eat better meals after they indulge in junk food.

The main point Alves wants to make to her readers is that youngsters are more likely to form healthy, long-lasting habits when they feel like they have more control over their choices.

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