What made the famous Alain Delon give up his first child?

And although he now has four children, only three of them received love and support.Back then, that handsome French man was winning hearts.

They are even surprised that he has only 4 children. However, he decided to give fatherly love to three of them.But Allen’s eldest son was kicked out of his own father’s house.

In the 60s, the actor met the German model Christa Pfgen and easily won his heart. But even one passionate night did not pass without consequences, Krista became pregnant and soon gave birth to a boy. Little Christian was left to live with his mother in New York.

However, the modeling career did not allow Christe to pay much attention to her son, and she asked for help from Edith Boulon (Alain Delon’s mother).

The woman came to the United States, saw her grandson amazed, it was a copy of Allen. Edith takes Christian to France despite her son’s protests.

Growing up, Christian himself tried to establish a relationship with his father, but was met with demonstrative indifference and retreated.

When the boy was asked if he was not Alain Delon’s son because of the obvious resemblance to his father, Christian rejected the resemblance. He has also appeared in several films and even written a book.

It was a lesson for Christian, and when his girlfriend became pregnant, he recognized the child’s paternity and got married.

Today, Christian has two children and tries to be an exemplary father, and he never had one.

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