Over 80 babies have been fostered by a 78-year-old woman in 30 years, and she has no intention of stopping.

In 34 years, Linda Owens, a 78-year-old woman from Hayward, California, gave birth to 81 children.

She took care of a baby girl who had just left the hospital and was 7 weeks old. The newborn is Linda’s 81st child to be looked after by a resource parent.

Owens received a Jefferson Award from a nearby news organization called KPIX in recognition of her altruistic work.

Although taking care of a newborn is difficult, Owens is accustomed to it after so many years of practice.

She decided to take care of these infants after retiring as the department manager of a grocery store. Linda has even taken care of three pairs of twins and fosters two babies at once.

Even though she receives financial assistance, she still spends money on the children. Owens is a fantastic mother! Sadly, some of the newborns were exposed to medicines while still within their mothers.

These disadvantaged infants thus experience developmental difficulties. Many of them have trouble sleeping.

Director of the Alameda County Department of Children & Family Services’ Placement Division is Mia Buckner-Preston. She calls Owens a superb caregiver.

In the nation, there are more than 500 resource parents, with Owens having served the longest. According to Buckner-Preston, Linda is ‘nearly all by herself’ in her category.

The 74-year-affection old’s for the kids is evident, according to pediatrician Mika Hiramatsu, who brings babies to Owens because of her experience as a foster parent.

‘She’s always been very positive, continually determined to give these babies the best start in life,’ said Dr. Hiramatsu.

And thanks to Owens’ efforts, the newborns’ parents have the best possible start in life.

When Erica made the decision to adopt a baby child that she had fostered 12 years before, Owens gave her the direction she needed. especially how to put the child to sleep.

I see that she is in her cot. Let her be, please. Even while I know you want to play with her, Erica warned, if you stir her up, you’ll start disturbing her sleep.

When Owens learns that the infants she formerly took care of are now healthy teenagers with promising futures, she is always overjoyed.

She has come out beautifully, said Owens. You feel satisfied knowing that you did your job well. It’s also difficult to say goodbye to the infants she used to look after.

When it’s time to transfer the infants to their biological or adoptive families, Owens takes care of them. Even though she understands it’s part of her calling, she always finds it difficult to let go.

But what truly amazes me about her is how well she can recall all 80 of them. She currently takes care of a 37-year-old.

Owens is currently taking care of a 7-week-old newborn girl, but she will eventually have to say goodbye. I can kiss her on the forehead, wish her the best, and say ‘I love you’ when that moment arrives.

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