These little kids will keep you in a good mood for the whole day, see what they do (video)

At 5-6 months, your baby is discovering who they are. Your youngster is also learning to distinguish between parents, carers, strangers, adults, and children.

At this age, your baby has formed strong bonds to you and other close family members or caregivers and enjoys spending time with them.

Around this time, your baby may become more aware of or fearful of strangers. This is the beginning of stranger anxiety.

It’s a normal aspect of figuring out how to feel comfortable in the world. If you give your kid time, he or she will ultimately become accustomed to new individuals.

Your infant can exhibit feelings such as happiness, joy, and pleasure through laughing, squealing, and smiling.

Your infant smiles when they want to at this age. However, if your infant is angry or upset, they will grunt, scowl, and cry.

Your kid may babble and produce noises like ‘baba’ or ‘gaga’ when talking. However, your kid will also communicate with you through various noises, movements, and smiles.

Your baby can move their head on their own at this age and is beginning to move their body more by reaching, squirming, and rolling.

Your infant is also lot better at guiding their hands with their eyes. Your infant can grasp objects with one hand, put them in their mouth, or move them from hand to hand. They now learn about things by touching and tasting them.

Your baby’s appetite is developing, and he or she is ready to discover how different meals taste and feel. Solid foods should be introduced around the age of 6 months.

Your infant may also bang or shake objects at this age to learn how they work. In addition, your baby may sit up with assistance and use their hands to help them balance when sitting.

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