As their card was consistently denied for the cart full of gifts, the couple felt humiliated. But they didn’t anticipate a complete stranger to intervene.

The couple was on their way to Canton from Fort Worth, Texas, and they wanted to stop at the Walmart in Canton to pick up some items for their children.

Ben documented his incredible adventure on Facebook by writing about it.

Ben wrote in his post that, ‘This couple (passing through from Fort Worth, Texas) is trying to get their kid’s presents as they travel to their family get-together (they live two hours away),’

and he explained that the couple was on their way to a gathering with their relatives who lived two hours away. And he gets an invalid card message. Again. And again …’

At the same moment when the couple was on the verge of giving up, a ‘God-sent’ woman who was originally from Mississippi came into their lives. Ben elaborated on what had taken place.

“The Mississippian woman in front of me asks, ‘You know what? It is the holiday season! I’ll take care of the bill!'” Ben added.

Joyce Hargrave is the name of the lady, and she is the proprietor of the God Sent Staffing Agency, which means that she was a member of the ‘God-sent team’ in a very literal sense.

They had promised to pay two hundred dollars, but they never did.

‘Oh, no! I seriously doubt that you are aware of how much money this is! The wife stated that she would check to see if she could charge it to her credit card.’

However, that card was also denied as well. After some time had passed, it was discovered that the card machine had been malfunctioning all along.

Both the man and the woman were adamant about declining the woman’s assistance, but the woman was also determined to pay for the items they had bought.

‘Hush. I have no interest in continuing to listen to you. Not a problem for me. ‘I will bless you in the same way that God has blessed me,’Joyce continued.

Joyce was ultimately successful in obtaining the funds necessary to cover the cost of the couple’s gifts.

The two of them were exceedingly appreciative, and Ben was in no small part motivated by her generosity.

Because the man was so impressed by Joyce’s act of generosity, he decided to follow her out to the parking lot and let her know how big of an impression she had made on him.

Ben noted that the woman’s license plate said ‘GOD SNT’as he reached her car and saw it for the first time.

Following their discussion, Joyce and Ben agreed to keep in touch with one another through social media.

When Joyce discovered an article about her act of kindness that had been posted online, she even tagged Ben in it. Of course, the article began with Ben’s post.

People had a great reaction to a single act of kindness that was shared online.

Joyce responded to the story by leaving a remark, in which she emphasized that she is not the only person who has this viewpoint.

Making a contribution to the wonderful transformation that is occurring all throughout the planet.

She made the observation that ‘this is not just me, but this is us as an entire God-sent team.’’It’s not just me,’ she said.What a powerful analysis of the circumstances that transpired!

The fact that we were able to have a pleasant exchange with one of the benevolent people who still exist in the world offers us reason to believe that kindness is not extinct and is, in fact, very much alive and thriving.

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