The woman ran away from home and left her husband and children, two days later she received a letter…

I decided to watch a football match calmly, without tying myself to home and parental obligations. He didn’t want to put screaming children to sleep at all.

However, this evening everything was destined to change after slamming the door, the woman left, losing patience.

The children stayed with their father. Peaceful male world with beer on the sofa suddenly turned upside down. That’s what the husband wrote to his wife a couple of days ago.

‘My dear,’
A couple of days ago we had a fight. I came home, collapsed from exhaustion. It was 8 o’clock in the evening, and I just wanted to fall on the couch and watch the match.

You were in a bad mood and terribly tired too. The children were fighting, and the baby was screaming while you were putting him to sleep.

I made it louder so as not to hear anything.’You won’t die if you help a little and contribute to the education of children?’ you asked, beautiful sound.

I answered annoyed. ‘I worked all day so that you could stay at home all the time and play in a doll’s house.’

A quarrel began, one by one the arguments collapsed. You cried because you were tired and angry.

I talked to you a lot. You shouted that you can’t do that anymore. Then you ran out of the house and left me alone with the children.

I had to feed them dinner myself and put them to sleep. You didn’t come back the next day. I took a day off from work and stayed at home with the children.

I went through all the tears and complaints.I ran around the house all day, not even having a free minute to take a bath.

I warmed milk, dressed children and washed the kitchen at the same time.I was locked at home for a whole day, unable to talk to a person over the age of 10.

I didn’t have the opportunity to sit down at the table and enjoy the food. I had to watch the children all the time.

I felt such exhaustion that I could sleep for 20 hours without interruption. But this is impossible, because the baby wakes up and screams every three hours.

I lived without you for two days and one night. I understood everything.I realized how tired you are.I understood to be a mother is a permanent victim.

I realized that it is much more difficult than sitting in the office for 10 hours and making serious financial decisions.

I understood you sacrificed your career and material freedom in order to be close to your children.

I understood how difficult it is when your financial situation depends not on you, but on your partner.

I understood what you sacrifice when you refuse to go with your friends to a party or to the gym. You simply can’t do your favorite thing or even sleep.

I understood that you feel when you are locked in a castle with children, and you miss everything that is happening around you.

I understood why you are offended when my mother criticizes your education methods. No one understands children better than their mother.

I understood that mothers bear the greatest responsibility in society. Unfortunately, no one appreciates or extols this.

I am writing you this letter not just to tell you how much I miss you. I don’t want one more day to pass without these words.

‘You are very brave, you are doing great, and I admire you!’

The role of a wife, mother and housewife in society, being the most important, is really valued the least.

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