How a modest and unconfident girl who grew up without a father became a super-star of the world stage. The incredible story of Adele

Adele is the world’s first female singer and musician, awards and prizes that equalize with the achievements of the Beatles.

In 2012, she was named the richest young British musician and entered the list of the most influential people in the world. Known since childhood as a tall girl, to this day she brings herself to perfection.

Music of childhood

Adele Adkins was born in 1988 in London.Her middle name is Lori Bluchka her parents gave the girl because they were very fond of the blues.

The marriage of the parents of the expected star was not registered, both were students, and three years later they broke up.

When she was 11, her beloved paternal grandfather passed away. After this misfortune, Adele’s father could not resist alcohol addiction, and they began to move away from each other.

Laurie Blue’s childhood musical idols were Etta James, Ella Fitzgerald and the Spice Girls.On her 13th birthday, her mother and grandmother gave Adele a guitar, and then she began to write her first songs.

Two years later, the girl improvised at concerts, sometimes even with stars touring in London.In an interview, she recalled: ‘I was the only white in my class, so since childhood I know and love soul music, reggae …’

With little or no audition, Adkins entered a prestigious performing arts school in London, with free tuition. Even then, the talent of the novice performer began to bring her dividends.

Once a friend of Adele, without asking her permission, posted several of her compositions on the Internet.

After some time, a letter from a large British company came to the girl’s page on the social network with an offer to sign a contract.

Thus began the career of the singer, who soon conquered the whole world. And in 2007, a year after signing the contract, Adele received an award in the nomination of young performers of the British Brit Awards.

The debut album of the singer was preceded by two singles, which are permanent hits to this day. ‘Hometown Glory’ was released in 2007 on vinyl discs in a small edition.The second composition was released a year later.

Adkins’ first stellar album ‘19’was released in her homeland in early 2008 and a week later led the British music top.

Six months later, the American ‘Columbia Records’ released this album in a huge circulation, having signed a contract with the singer.

Soon Adele went on tour, first to Canada and the USA, and then on a long tour with the Evening with Adele program.

Everywhere she was greeted by a sea of ​​hospitality and flowers, applause from the audience and full houses at the singer’s concerts.

In the autumn of the same year, the girl was invited to perform on the US TV channel in a Saturday music and entertainment show, where she sang two songs.

This program was attended by a well-known politician Republican Sarah Palin, at that time a candidate for vice president, who made the singer a kind of advertisement.

Later, Adele repeatedly sent words of gratitude to Sarah.Then the show was watched by more than seventeen million people, which was an undeniable record of popularity over the past fifteen years.

After the appearance of Adele in the popular program, her album ‘19’ immediately became the highest grossing in the States.

In early 2009, in Los Angeles, Adele received a Grammy award in several categories at once.Tours were replaced by filming, there was absolutely no time left for rest.

Adele gave all the best, as the artists say, ‘to the fullest’.This soon took its toll on her health.

A light in the end of a tunnel

Despite the fact that in 2009 the popular singer was nominated for the Brit Awards as the best British single performer for the song ‘Chaising Pavements’, for some reason she did not get the award, although no one doubted that this was unfair.

To support a talented compatriot, Prime Minister Gordon Brown went on television with words of gratitude to Adele for raising the spirit of her compatriots in difficult times for the country, while noting that her work is the light at the end of the tunnel.

Soon Adele’s second album was released, the title of which again reflected her age ‘21’.This masterpiece was imbued with a fresh country trend, which elevated the singer to another level of popularity.

Over four million copies of the album were sold within a year! The singer herself explained the novelty of the sound of her compositions by the fact that during Adele’s tour of the southern States, her driver constantly listened to country music in the car.

The exorbitant tension of the vocal cords caused the singer to have inflammation of the larynx, which was complicated by a cold during the tour.

Due to a sore throat, all performances and studio recordings, and soon she was operated on due to a hemorrhage in the vocal cords.

It would seem that another person would put an end to his career. But not Adele. She not only regained her voice, but already in February 2012 she received Grammy awards in six categories.

Mrs Konecki

How bright and temperamental a star is on stage, how modest Adele is in life.She does not like pomposity, talk around her name and carefully protects her personal life from the ubiquitous journalists.

However, her long-term affair with banker Simon Konecki became public.Four years ago, Adele gave birth to Simon’s son Angelo.

But the marriage was not registered.They were always together, probably, such a status quo suited both sides.

Finally, the beginning of this year was marked by a long-awaited event.Konecki did not shower his beloved with flowers, kneeling down.

He, sitting in front of the TV, simply said to Adele: ‘Maybe we can get married?’.

There was no wedding with a white dress, veil and other relevant attributes of the celebration the registration of the marriage took place in complete secrecy.

But the next day, reporters still caught a smiling couple leaving the supermarket.Rings glowed on their ring fingers.

Moreover, Simon, in order not to waste time, gave Adele two rings at once for an engagement and an engagement ring.

Now the singer writes songs and performs them herself, sometimes working in collaboration with famous colleagues.

Does charity work.I recently recorded the soundtrack for another Bond film. Her fortune today is six million pounds.

She is talented and in demand by the public. But the main purpose of a woman is a family, and Adele is a wonderful mother and beloved wife…

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