What happened. King Charles III and Camilla-Parker Bowles have had eggs thrown at them

Three eggs were thrown at King Charles III and Camilla-Parker Bulls in York today.

The complaining man shouted. ‘This country was built on the blood of slaves’ after booing the couple.

Police and royal security officers rushed to the scene after the first egg was released, and footage from the scene shows them arresting a man in the crowd.

The townspeople then shouted ‘Shame on you’ and ‘God save the king’at him.

Let’s remind that after the death of the queen, her son Charles ascended the throne. And his wife, Camilla, became the queen again.

Recently, news broke that a slice of Charles and Princess Diana’s wedding cake will be auctioned off.

41 years ago, young Diana Spencer married Prince Charles. The wedding was immediately dubbed the ‘wedding of the century’, with a budget of £3 million, an eight-metre train, press attention and 750 million viewers.

Their wedding is still considered one of the most vivid and memorable events of the royal family. To this day, fans remember the most beautiful yet dramatic celebration

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