Ballerinas perform with puppets, and the audience has a tough time staying quiet as they watch them. Video

In order to attract the audience, some performers try to elevate their acts to new heights. Unquestionably, this is one of those performances.

These puppet-carrying ballerinas are one of those astounding works of art that astounds you. It’s hilarious to watch three women dance a ballet sequence while each is attached to two dolls.

You’ll want to hit your knee in response to this cleverly funny act.What appears to be nine dancers is actually just three!

The ballerinas create an amazing routine by expertly fusing comedy and ballet.

9 dancers are initially seen on stage appearing to be getting ready to perform. But if you pay great attention, you’ll notice that each dancer is attached to two puppets.

It’s pretty funny when the ballerinas begin their performance in a line. Bravo for their originality!

Long rods that are attached to the dolls’ arms and legs allow the ballerinas to dance freely while the dolls may emulate their every motion.

It’s fantastic!

The puppets are perfectly timed to each of the ballerinas’ movements, and the entire scene makes the audience giggle.The combination of acting, humor, and dance works, and the audience is enthralled.

Together, the ballerinas whip their arms, driving the dolls crazy and giving the impression that they are having a great time.

One observer said:

‘Simply wonderful. demonstrating that artists have a great sense of humor and fun!’

We should applaud whoever came up with this idea! How many dolls could this work with, I wonder? Next time, how about including a couple more?

This actually requires some substantial upper-body and leg strength because dancing is challenging enough.

These ballerinas are incredible; how do they perform for such a long time? Just to be clear, this requires a different level of fitness.

Another smart twist has been added to the performance.

You would be dead on in your assumption that their routine is performed to classical music. It’s hilarious when other dance songs join in, though!

During the show, music by MC Hammer, Beyonce, and Vanilla Ice may be heard.

The dolls imitate the ballerinas as they even ‘lift the roof.’Since the dance is a complete mirror dance, the dolls imitate every move the dancers make.

With each action, the audience erupts in laughter.You won’t frequently see stuff like this!

Ballet is hilarious—who knew?

The dancers rotate on a pivot with all 6 dolls swinging around toward the end of the video.

The funny ballerinas repeatedly spin the dolls in a 360-degree turn as the grand finale.

It’s a good thing they’re puppets, because otherwise the final act may have caused whiplash!

The dancers gracefully bow and exit the stage. It’s hilarious to watch them leave the stage with all the small puppet legs flailing around.

These ballerinas are so hilarious and amazing that you won’t be able to stop laughing until it’s over.

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