Watch this touching video of a weatherman proposing to his news anchor girlfriend in a spectacular way.

‘Jacey Birch, Morning News Anchor and Animal Advocate Reporter for WPLG, was waiting to do a satellite interview with the American Kennel Club about pets and the holidays when he proposed,’ the video’s title reads.

‘What she didn’t know was that her meteorologist boyfriend Trent Aric had arranged up the interview.

Trent suddenly appears on screen with an unexpected twist after a few simulated technical glitches.’

The surprise Trent had in store for Jacey was fantastic. The proposal video he prepared was beautifully edited and contained heartfelt comments from their loved ones.

Everyone in the family, from aunts and uncles to cousins and friends, was rooting for the happy pair. At first, Jacey couldn’t believe what was happening.

It was obvious from her expression that she was taken aback by the news. Jacey was viewing the touching video as Trent was on his way to the studio to propose, and she was impressed by his thoughtful preparations.

Trent promises, ‘I will never leave your side, I will never stop loving you, and I can assure, forever will not be long enough with you.’

When he finally reaches Jacey, he takes her by the hand and pops the question. The anticipation of this moment has been building for months, he says.

‘I adore you. ‘Jacey Marie Birch, will you marry me?’ The answer is affirmative, and a passionate kiss and embrace follow.

Then, their pals cheer them on and join in the festivities. Wow, that’s a touching memory they’ll have forever.

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