When elderly couple walks into the center of the wedding hall most of the guests think the grandparents are about to start some sort of slow dance. But after a few seconds, they realize that they made a mistake.

When does retirement age begin?
And which lifestyle is considered the norm of retirement age? It is believed that with age, one loses the ability to have fun and enjoy life to the core.

However, judging by the heroes of our video, this statement is not completely true.

During the wedding celebration, you probably noticed more than once that the elderly guests really do not like to get up from the festive table to dance.

There are many reasons for this behavior. Someone thinks that bending down to music in old age is not respectable.Someone’s health does not allow to dance. Well, some people are just shy.

But sometimes on the holiday there are such energetic old men who not only dance, but also excite the little guests with their dance. You can see an example of such old people in this video.

When the music started, the old people started to dance real rock and roll. Moreover, the parterres moved so fast that the audience literally squealed with delight.

Of course, the elderly did not make flights and complex elevators, however, the respectable age made itself felt.

But on the other hand, colleagues compensated for the lack of complex elements with activity and enthusiasm.

After finishing their performance, the grandparents bowed to the audience, which at that moment was already shouting, jumping and clapping loudly, welcoming such extraordinary dancers.

If life has become too boring and predictable for you, be sure to watch this performance and take an example from older dancers who have not lost the ability to have fun and make others happy.

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