Why neither divorce nor infidelity news could separate Jean-Claude Van Damme and Gladys Portuguese

Jean-Claude Van Damme and his wife have been married for 23 years.They prove that true love is not destroyed even by mistakes, in their case, by divorce.

Like any other couple, Van Damme and Gladys Portugal have had their fair share of ups and downs.

And despite facing difficulties, they tried to live separately, but over time they realized that love is stronger than any obstacle they encountered on the way.

Actor, martial arts master and director Jean-Claude Van Damme met his future wife in the last century.

Bodybuilder, fitness model and actress Gladys Portuguese won his heart.In 1987, they got married.

The couple did not add to the family.In the same year, their son Christopher was born, and three years later their daughter Bianca united the family.

It seemed that nothing could stop the happiness. But a few years after the birth of their daughter, Van Damme and Portugese ran into difficulties.They decided to end their union.

After the divorce, the former spouses did not put an end to their private life. Van Damme married former actress and model Darcy LaPierre in 1994. In this marriage, the actor had a third child, a son named Nicholas.

The marriage of celebrities did not last long, they broke up after 3 years. After that, Van Damme and his ex-wife, Gladys, started spending time together again.

It seems that they slowly began to understand that they were wrong before, and the love between them has not faded.Jean-Claude and Gladys decided to rekindle their relationship and remarried in 1999.

The lovers spent 15 years in mutual understanding and harmony. But problems began to creep into their marriage again.

In 2015, Gladys filed for divorce for the second time, stating that their irreconcilable differences were the reason for the separation.

The interesting thing is that the divorce has not yet come. Two months after submitting the documents, the couple reconciled again.

Some believe that they have realized how much they love each other and that divorce will be too difficult for both them and their children.

But there are those who support the opinion that Van Damme simply paid his wife with an expensive mansion, and his marriage became artificial for the sake of appearances.

Jean-Claude Van Damme himself in his comments leans towards the first option, the importance of love and family values.

‘Couples have to work together, no matter what, they have to grow. I’ve been divorced before and it didn’t please the kids or the parents.

If people can stick together like the old days, values ​​will come back,’ Van Damme said after he and Gladys decided to give their marriage a third chance.

And when the actor was asked if they decided to stay together only because of the children, he categorically disagreed.

‘No.Divorce is simple, divorce is the word, and love is an emotion. It’s hard to mix the two. We love each other,’ Van Damme said.

Of course, not everyone believes in the sincerity of the actor’s words. After all, there are still rumors that he has a mistress, which he does not particularly hide.

The woman, they say, stayed to divert her eyes. Do you think it is worth giving someone a second or even a third chance? If you have such an experience, tell us how it ended in the comments.

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