Wife goes to subway station daily to hear her husband’s voice. See why she’s doing it and what the company’s reaction was

Margaret McCollum after the death of her
husband Oswald Laurence, sits on the bench waiting to hear the recording by Oswald that became one of London’s most famous: ‘Mind the gap’

In 2003, Oswald died leaving a huge void in
Margaret’s heart.So Margaret found a way to feel his presence closest. After more than half a century, this voice was replaced by an electronic recording.

Out of distress Margaret asked for this cassette tape from London transport company so she could continue listening to her husband’s voice at home.

After becoming aware of the moving history, the
company decided to restore the announcement at
the stop near where Margaret lives.

At the Embankment stop of Northern Line, where all passengers can listen today and hear Oswald
Laurence’s voice and to think that eternal love really exists.

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