Fans are asking Madonna to stop being weird and are worried about her situation

The fans of the singer suspect that the star has serious psychological problems.

A new rule has appeared in the western show business: every day, a surprising trick by Madonna. The star seems to have lost touch with reality in the last two years.

She is unable to moderate her passion for plastic surgery and is becoming less and less like her past self.

The singer does not talk about her external interventions, but experts suspect that it is not possible without their approval.

Minimally, the singer injected fillers or hyaluronic acid under the skin, and the mask used make-up on the eyelids.

The changes in the singer’s appearance are far from the only factor stressing her fans. Madonna’s fans believe that she had some psychological problems.

How else can one explain the strange videos that the artist regularly shares with the world on social networks, as well as candid photo series in provocative positions?

In the last few days, Madonna has been posting new videos especially often.For some, she was preparing for Halloween.

She showed off a Victorian outfit, while others saw her dancing and replicating trendy sexy moves popular on TikTok.The last of these videos seriously disturbed the fans of the star.

‘Madonna, are you okay’, ‘Guys, this isn’t funny anymore,’ ‘Dude, help your mom,’ ‘These aren’t dances, they’re jerks,’ and hundreds of similar expressions can be seen in the comments.

The singer continues to disappoint. Many sincerely regret that only a shell of the once great Madonna is left, and all the charisma has disappeared somewhere. Some are also worried about the aggressive mood of the artist.

‘I grew up on your music.Your creativity used to save, but now it only causes sadness. Please stop these weird videos,’ one Madonna fan wrote.

Madonna’s passion for plastic surgery and filters has led to the fact that now she does not want to appear in public and show everyone what she really looks like.

A few weeks ago, the paparazzi caught the singer at the airport, but Madonna did not even linger in front of the photographers.

She hurried past and tried to hide as deep as possible in her hood so that no one would look at her.

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