A young skater’s impassioned rendition of ‘Hallelujah’ moves viewers to tears of joy and admiration. It has received more than 5.9 million views.

Veronica, who is only 10 years old, skates at the level of an individual who is a significant amount older.

She was born in Moscow, Russia, and she appears to be most comfortable when she is demonstrating her talents on the ice in front of a large audience.

You will not believe what you see as you watch Veronica in the video below execute an incredible act to the song ‘Hallelujah.’

To begin, Veronica moves to the center of the ice and waits for the music to start playing while she does so.

When it does, she displays something that she had been clutching in her hands throughout the entire time: a light. She reaches up to the heavens with both arms out to do so.

She then reveals it to the people who are standing behind her by lowering one of her arms, turning around, and showing it to them.When she does so, a wonderful thing takes happen.

When she shines her light at the other people in the crowd, they respond by shining their lights back at her. The rest of the crowd also has lights.

In the dim arena, the lights flicker back and forth, preparing the audience for an emotionally intense and sincere dance.

Veronica sets the light she was carrying down on the ice while the song’s lyrics are being sung, and then she proceeds to skate away from it as the song continues.

She starts off her routine by skating around the ice with her arms swinging while also executing a series of spins that are faultless while she is doing so.

Veronica doesn’t waste much time before she starts to awe the audience with some instances of her extraordinary flexibility and balance.

She brings one of her legs up to her head and cinches it in as tightly as she can.

She is currently skating on one foot while performing a split in the vertical plane.

The crowd expresses their approval by erupting into applause at the appropriate moments.

Veronica is only at the beginning of her journey.

She quickly transitions into the first of many technical moves that involve her rotating at high speeds while in the air. This move is just one of many.

Veronica skates her way back to the middle of the ice, where she had placed the light at the beginning of the performance, as her routine draws to a close.

She takes it in her hands and begins to spin about while doing so, putting her arms, legs, and head into a variety of positions.

She releases the tight spin and raises the light into the air, bringing her routine full circle by finishing in the same manner as it began.

Due to the stunning nature of Veronica’s performance, the video has already received 5.9 million views and 92,000 likes.

You won’t want to miss out on this mesmerizing routine at all costs. You will be able to see it for yourself in the video that is provided below.

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