Jennifer Aniston’s childlessness has been a favorite topic of journalists for many years. The actress herself put an end to this question by giving an honest interview

If earlier it upset the celebrity, now he has managed to reconsider the situation. So why is Jennifer Aniston childless at 53, what terrible times has she had trying to conceive, and what does the actress think about family?

If someone thinks that Jennifer at a certain period of her life simply chose a career instead of a family, then it is a complete delusion.

In fact, as Jen admitted in an interview with Allure, she tried to become a mother for many years. It was a difficult decade, 30 to 40 years.

The actress spent a lot of effort, time and money, but she did not succeed in getting pregnant.

Jennifer decided to undergo in vitro fertilization, but even that, unfortunately, did not help.

‘I tried to get pregnant.It was a difficult path for me, the path of creating a child.All these years of speculation…

It was hard.I went through IVF, drank Chinese teas, whatever,’ said the star.

At first, the situation seemed terrible to Jennifer.She cursed herself and everything in the world.

However, over the years, he realized that she even benefited from it. The actress believes that after all the horrors she experienced, she has become much stronger and self-confident.

‘I am grateful for all these terrible things. Otherwise, I would have remained in the role of this person who was so nervous, so insecure,’ Aniston reinterpreted the situation.

Now Jennifer Aniston has completely left the situation. She says she has realized her fate of not having children of her own.

‘I feel relieved. There are no more questions in my life. ‘I can. What else should I try?’ I don’t need to think about it anymore,’ says the actress.

But the actress would like to change something in the past. Jennifer admitted that she would give everything in the world if someone advised her to freeze her eggs earlier. But now the star has what she has.

Jennifer is undoubtedly a strong and wise woman. Now she is not interested in other people’s opinions, side views, etc.

But in the past, of course, she was hurt when people spoke ill of her, not knowing the real state of affairs.

Thus, the actress was called an egoist. Apparently she puts herself first in her life and doesn’t care about children or family. As you can see, it was not like that.

In addition, Jenny was once very annoyed by the news that her ex-husband Brad Pitt left her only because she could not or did not want to give birth to children. Aniston emphasizes that this is nonsense.

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