The dance of this 80 years old woman will give you good vibes. Video

Some people feel old at 28, while others feel young at 75. The main thing is to keep laughing. There is a saying: ‘You don’t stop laughing because you get old you get old because you stop laughing.’

Almost every situation has humor if you’re looking for it. Humor is healing. It reduces stress, relieves stress and keeps you young at heart.

Many may have noticed that it is videos with the participation of positive people that attract viewers with similar

Mood, they leave good reviews. For example, for a family album, grandchildren filmed a grandmother who at the same time cooked food for her large family and danced very actively to energetic music.

But Grandma didn’t disappoint either.It would seem that a gray-haired old woman could stand at the stove and stir her risotto or orange jam with caramel.

And it doesn’t matter what she cooks.Her family has long been accustomed to a temperament grandmother, we see that her grandson, daughter or daughter-in-law is crawling on the floor

Gets in the room. In general, for this house, dancing by the stove is a common activity … Oh, those Spanish senoritas!

Even reaching such an advanced age is not a reason to be upset. In this case, it is not difficult to cook food for a large family if you do it with a positive attitude.

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