The love story of Joe Mantegna and his wife serves as motivation for those couples who are going through difficult circumstances.

Joe Mantegna discovered one of life’s most pleasant benefits when he found a partner prepared to make sacrifices for his success.

In their love tale, a loyal woman who has supported him for forty-six years stands by his side.

Fans of the CBS television series ‘Criminal Minds’ will recall Joe Mantegna’s portrayal of the captivating character David Rossi.

Rossi has had numerous relationships and marriages in his hunt for love. Since his childhood sweetheart had eluded him, he thought he had missed an opportunity for true love.

In reality, Joe’s romantic relationships bind him down. In addition to being with the woman of his dreams, he has also been in love with his high school sweetheart, Arlene, for nearly fifty years.

The pair developed the most fairytale-like romance in Hollywood by sticking together through thick and thin and sacrificing for one another.

They became pals while they were youths. They met while auditioning for a play in a drama club. However, their relationship did not become romantic until several years later.

After their first encounter, they became acquainted but soon parted ways. Arlene attended Morton West High School in Berwyn, Illinois, while Joe attended Morton East High School and junior college in Cicero, Illinois. However, it was the play that brought the two of them together.

They had improved their acting skills and were more professional when they were selected as finalists for ‘Hair,’ a Chicago production, at the Schubert Theater in 1969; they recognized one another and a connection was established. Joe asserts that:

As it turned out, we were both cast. It later changed into something else.

Joe still enjoys discussing how they first met and how their love developed. He tweeted a throwback image of himself and Arlene in character from the show ‘Hair,’ which launched their careers, in 2019.

In the picture, Joe was sporting a long-sleeved blouse with studded sleeves, and his black hair was hanging over his shoulder.

The blonde beauty in front of him, Arlene, took the actor’s hands in hers. Joe inserted the caption: Yes, that’s me and my beautiful wife Arlene in the musical Hair.

Despite being in love when they reconnected, the couple postponed getting married. Instead, they enjoyed themselves for a few years since, in Arlene’s words, they were ‘hippies.’

They decided to take their relationship public in 1975. They therefore staged a wedding ceremony after secretly exchanging vows at the top of the Eiffel Tower in the city of love.

Joe’s shift from Broadway to television did not happen right away; it took some time before he started getting calls, but he had a loving wife who remained with him like a rock during this period.

Arlene accompanied her husband wherever he went in order to support him. They transported their belongings to Los Angeles using a U-Haul. The couple’s close buddy Dennis Franz was hoping for a breakthrough job as well.

On their quest for fame, Franz joined them and forged an enduring bond with the duo. Joe, however, was a genuine friend. Franz threatened to skip a local engagement if he was fired.

Joe spent a lot of time searching for the right role before finding success in New York with ‘Glengarry Glen Ross.’

Following the release of this movie, multiple offers to appear in more Hollywood movies were made. For the couple, who had experienced both highs and lows together, this was a great time.

When their fame and wealth were certain, they moved to Toluca, close to Burbank, and settled in a sizable mansion in an urban area.

As Joe worked to establish himself as a successful actor, his wife was by his side encouraging and encouraging him. Arlene put a lot of effort into making her husband a well-known figure.

At the renowned Goodman Theatre, the actor once stumbled over his lines during a performance, leaving the crowd in awkward silence.

Arlene hugged her husband during a break, and he eventually managed to climb through. Finally, he was described as a ‘outstanding’ actor by critics.

In 2003, the pair launched ‘Taste Chicago’ in Burbank. The eatery serves sultry and flavorful Chicago fare like deep-dish pizza, Vienna beef hotdogs, and Italian beef sandwiches.

However, before closing, the business was in operation for about sixteen years. Joe shared the news with his friends, family, and admirers on Facebook.

He praised his wife’s business ideas and endeavors while posting a picture of the restaurant’s façade. He went on:She accomplished everything, and I am so proud of her.

Joe has been happily married for more than 50 years, yet he is candid about the challenges of his ostensibly perfect union.

The actor continued by saying that although his marriage has had both easy and bad patches, who was by his side most important. According to him:

I won’t make the statement, ‘My life has been wonderful; I’ve never experienced a problem, and everything was fantastic.’

Nobody can challenge my beliefs. But we persisted, and I believe that the longer we stayed, the better it got.

The actor advised young couples to plan ahead and be patient in their relationships because life is a rollercoaster with endless turns and curves.

It’s no surprise they’ve survived this long as Arlene shares the same opinion. She gave the following justification for their enduring bond:

We’ve never had, and I’m sure you’ve heard it a million times, but don’t go to bed furious. Besides having a lovely love story, the couple also has two beautiful children.

One of their daughters, Gina, also known as Gia Mantegna, is an actress. She appeared as a character in ‘The Middle’ comedy.

Joe and Arlene are committed to building a strong family while helping the less fortunate in their neighborhood. They have focused solely on this cause up until now.

The couple is associated with eight organizations, including the Gary Sinise Foundation and Autism Speaks, that support veterans and people with developmental impairments. Joe serves as a spokesperson for the National Army Museum.

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