Grandfather and granddaughter break stereotypes with an awesome dance. Not only a video, but an elixir of youth

A video is circulating on the net that proves that fathers and children, or rather, grandchildren, are not always a classic story of misunderstanding, but just an idyll in everything, even in every movement of the dance.

Grandpa Bill is 72 years old, but he decided that he could not lag behind his adored 10-year-old granddaughter named Maeve in any case, even if she decided to light it up in a reckless dance.

Hailing from California, the baby participated in a local talent competition, so she came up with a dance that was not ordinary at all.

Her grandfather, who works as a caretaker at the zoo, boldly accepted the challenge of the young graceful panther.

It is noticeable on the frames that the grandfather is a little excited about the tricks that are to be demonstrated, but he is brave, and most importantly, plastic.

At the end of the cool act, Maeve and Bill even make a wheel.This couple breaks stereotypes and clearly serves as an example to follow.

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