VIDEO: 2-year-old girl’s heartwarming reaction to being surprised with a doll that looks just like her…

The doctors predicted that Olive Mohlman, Kimberly’s daughter, would be born with Down syndrome when she was pregnant.

No parent wants to hear that news, but as soon as little Mohlman was born, her parents’ lives revolved around her.

The little child resided with her parents in their O’Fallon, Illinois, house, where they shared a great number of special occasions.

The parents enjoyed watching their daughter grow as they discovered something new about her every day.

Sharing Her Experience
Kimberly made the decision to use social media to share her experience of raising a child with Down syndrome with the world in order to spread awareness.She frequently posts images and videos of her daughter on social media.

Since the world is a little wild right now, I started TikTok to share her experience and to promote some hilarious and uplifting messages, Kimberly admitted.

She believed that by viewing her work, parents of children with Down syndrome will be inspired.
Kimberly, however, had no idea that the video of her daughter would one day go viral and receive millions of views.

She didn’t anticipate the astounding response that would follow; she just wanted to share a lovely memory from Mohlman’s birthday.

Birthday Present
On the toddler’s second birthday, Kimberly presented Mohlman with a gift box and captured her response.

Mohlman beams in the video as she examines the gift box her father helps her open.Mohlman’s response was so well received online that her video quickly became popular.

Mohlman then notices a doll inside the brown box, which prompts a rapid change in her attitude.She looks amazed at her father and kisses the doll as soon as it comes out of the container.

Her Surprising Response
She received a unique doll from Kimberly. It stood out since it resembled Mohlman in every way.

They were identical in terms of their physical characteristics and short hair, and Mohlman’s endearing response showed how much she cherished her birthday present.

In the video, Mohlman held the doll in her arms and stroked her on the back. Kimberly acknowledged that she became very upset when she observed her daughter’s response.

She said: ‘I sobbed happy tears and my heart simply burst with excitement when I saw her do the back pats. Her tiny surprised reaction was so cute.’

The Mother’s Emotions
Kimberly was pleased to see her baby girl’s reaction after she had fashioned the doll to resemble Mohlman.

She claimed to be a ‘proud mom’ and to be ‘obsessed’ with her young daughter.
Kimberly uploaded the video to her social media sites after capturing it and made it available to everyone.

She had no clue that it would catch the attention of millions of people all around the world at the moment.

We need more of that in these difficult times, she remarked, so I think it’s the perfect film because it makes people grin and cry tears of joy.

The Social Reaction
Mohlman’s response was so well received online that her video quickly became popular.

By April 2021, the TikTok video had more than seven million views, and the statistics have grown since then.

Following are some of the remarks made on her YouTube video:She’s among the most adorable kids I’ve ever seen.

The look on her face just before her father asks if she would like a hug. amazing child
Charles Fields July 2022.

Tears welled up in my eyes as I watched the young child rock her doll while she closed her eyes. Even though she has Down syndrome, my young niece is just as loving, kind, and compassionate. Wow, such a blessing.

We hope that little Mohlman continues to delight her parents with such endearing responses. If you enjoyed reading about her, please tell your loved ones about it to make their day.

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