VIDEO: Watch as Mandy Moore’s son Gus shows some adorable ‘brotherly love’ to baby Ozzie..

This is a four-person family.

Mandy Moore shared a video online of her son Gus, age 2, kissing his younger brother Ozzie. Gus and Mandy Moore are married to musician Taylor Goldsmith.

You can hear Mandy asking, ‘You want to give your brother a kiss?” in the Oct. 28 tape, to which Taylor responded, ‘Want to give a kiss to Ozzie?’

Gus leaned down and kissed the infant on the head as he slept, more than eager to comply. You can hear the This Is Us actress saying to her son, ‘You’re very nice,’ in the background.

On the video, Mandy wrote ‘Brotherly love’ with a heart emoji.

This interaction was equally endearing to the audience. One user commented, ‘Come on, people! The sweetest of all!’ Samii Ryan, a businesswoman, continued, ‘I’m melting.’

And Ozzie’s birth might not have been the simplest, since the celebrity revealed three months prior to giving birth that she had been diagnosed with immune thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP), a rare autoimmune illness that prohibited her from obtaining an epidermal while giving birth to her first kid.

She admitted to TODAY Parents in July that it was terrible but that she may try it again.’I can ascend that peak once more.’

Mandy said: ‘The mere thought of having access to drugs is so appealing that I wish it were a possibility. But we’ll just keep moving forward as we did before.’

And she did that!

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