VIDEO. 13.6 million people have seen this baby dance while a Dog plays the piano and sings ‘Queen.’

What could possibly go wrong when a little child and a dog ‘take the stage’ while lovely music is played in the background?

The first performs dancing, while the other sings. As soon as the first frame is captured by the camera, the events that follow are completely unpredictable.

However, there is a possibility that anything will occur to a father, his baby, and their Beagle.

In this picture, he is posing with a toaster guitar in his hand, and his beloved canine companion Buddy Mercury is posing next to him, joining in the festivities.

It seemed as though he had spent another day inside his home.However, Buddy began singing at the same time as he started playing the piano. He is not performing from written music in any way.

It seems as though he is only playing a single note on them ‘simply by moving his paws,’ although this could just be an illusion. And he continues to roar and sing along with the others.

And until then, the sweetness and wonder that surrounds him encourages and sustains him while he dances.

This musical duet shot to the top of the charts almost quickly after they broke out onto the scene.

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