6-year-old girl died in hospital, then comes back to life again! She revealed what happened to her after death

Every once in a while, a baby is born with a lot more struggles to overcome than the majority of us.

Zola, age 6, was born with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, but no one was aware of this at the time.

Two odd shapes have already been discovered by the ultrasonography.

She carries one in her heart and one in her head. Nevertheless, nothing the doctors at the time knew about it.

Brittan, her mother, has previously experienced miscarriages. Thus, there was undoubtedly a risk associated with pregnancy.

Those two odd indicators in her brain and heart were found throughout the testing and bloodwork phase.

But the doctors regarded these as false positives.Nothing on their list of prevalent genetic disorders applied to them.

When Zola’s cognitive development stalled after six months. This was weird, her pediatrician agreed.Years later, in their house, 2-year-old Zola has a seizure.

Even after a trip to the hospital, she had a number of further seizures.

When the physicians noticed that Zola’s tonsils were swollen, they decided to have them surgically removed.

If untreated, enlarged tonsils could obstruct her ability to breathe.

The hope of Zola’s parents was that this tonsil surgery would solve all of her issues.So they forced Zola to have the operation.

When it was all finished, she appeared a little disoriented and wobbly, but this didn’t seem unusual.

Six days later, when Brittan saw Zola lying on the ground with blood oozing from her face, things became tense.

A few nights later, in the middle of the night, Zola ran into her parents’ room and started bleeding.

Her parents were so afraid that they immediately dialed 911. Zola had lost quite a bit of blood after bleeding continuously for ten days.

Her family, of course, was extremely concerned, despite the doctors’ assurances that they would take all precaution.

After all, Zola had lost a significant amount of blood.Bryston, her brother, spent several days sleeping in her bed because he was so upset for her.

When Zola got home from the ER, she had a strange question for her mother.‘When will I once more see God?’

Brittan was completely unprepared for this query. Before, they hardly ever discussed religion or spirituality, and Zola never truly “died.”

The 6-year-old, though, was serious.Her mother asked Zola, ‘When did you see God? Zola replied, ‘The night I died,’ in plain English.

Zola allegedly met Jesus.She remembers giving him a big hug and hearing him thank her for being his buddy.

Obviously, this was a big deal.When Zola was in peril, the Lord appeared to her, and she remembered it all too well.

Brittan acknowledges that her family’s trust in the Lord could have been a little stronger before all of this.I suppose they now had a good reason to have more faith than ever.

They discovered that Zola had Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, an extremely uncommon hereditary disorder.

The connective tissues are impacted by the disorder. Zola is prone to bleeding and bruising. But she knows that God is with her and that she shouldn’t worry excessively.

For Zola’s condition and others like it, her family started Zola’s Zebras.With God by her side, Zola is a fearless fighter who has little to fear.

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