A cat with ‘Down syndrome’ ended up on the street and could have died, but unexpected happened

Kitty Maya was the most ordinary cat with gray stripes, only her eyes were slanted, pupils of different colors and a flattened nose distinguished her from other relatives.

Due to her unusual appearance, Maya ended up on the street.The cat had not only an unusual appearance, but also problems with vision, hearing,she was slow and poorly oriented in space.

Once on the street, she felt lonely and helpless and did not expect anything good from life. Hunger and cold accompanied the poor thing everywhere and she could die from this.

But she was lucky that the cat was noticed by volunteers, who took the poor thing to the animal shelter.

After examination, the veterinarians concluded that she had Down’s syndrome and no one would need a cat with such data.

After some time, the poor animal was prepared for euthanasia.But as soon as the photo of the baby got into the social networks,

there was a great demand for her and she became a popular heroine in social networks. And soon one married couple took the cat to their home.

Despite her unusual appearance, she is loved and taken care of.The kitty has a warm home, soft toys and a bowl of delicious food.

Maya sleeps next to her mistress on soft pillows, on which her image flaunts, and wakes up her beloved mistress in the morning. For her owners, she is the most beautiful and cuddly cat.

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