His parents abandoned him 36 hours after his birth. Here’s who she’s become today and what she looks like

When Jono Lancaster was just 36 hours old, his parents abandoned him and put him up for adoption.The child was born with a rare genetic disorder called Treacher Collins syndrome.

Jono’s biological mother was horrified by what she saw, so she immediately declared that she could not have anything in common with this child.

The point is that this genetic disease affects the formation of the facial bones of the fetus. This greatly affects the appearance.

Jono’s cheekbones stretched and his eyes drooped. Moreover, he was diagnosed with hearing problems, and according to doctors’ predictions, the boy should not walk or talk at all.

The child’s future was in jeopardy, but a woman named Jean took him in when he was just 2 weeks old and then adopted him when he was 5 years old.

It’s been 20 years since then, and now Jono is a successful young man who wants to share his message with the world.

‘All my life I had to believe in myself because others looked at me and underestimated me. I had to prove them wrong.’

‘I have learned to live positively. It helps a lot.’

One of Jono’s favorite places is the gym. It’s a safe haven that helps him release pent-up energy and gives him strength and motivation to move forward. When Jono is asked if he wants to ask the surgeons for help, the boy replies:

‘God created me this way. And I was not born this way for nothing.’

When he was 25 years old, Jono tried to contact his biological parents. The adoption service was able to deliver the boy’s message to them. However, they refused to meet and asked not to bother them with such requests any more.

This caused another pain for Jono, but he did not break and was able to find the strength to carry on.

The boy is not angry with his biological parents and does not want other people to condemn them for such a decision.

‘No one knows what they went through when I was born. They did what they thought was best for them and me. It was their decision that made me who I am today. I have a lot of great people around me.’

Now Jono does sports, travels around the world and helps children who suffer from the same syndrome as him.

He teaches them to accept themselves as they are, because first and foremost, you should always love yourself.

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