Video: The funny elephant interfered with the TV channel’s report and became an Internet star

During a recent news interview, a newborn elephant and his companions stole the spotlight, and the footage had us in tears!

The Kenya Broadcasting Corporation’s Alvin Kaunda attempted to maintain his cool during an interview spotlighting the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust,

but the adorable orphaned ‘ellies’ ultimately stole the show, leaving the seasoned news reporter laughing.

The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust runs the world’s most effective orphan elephant rescue and rehabilitation program and is well renowned for its remarkable work defending elephants.However, they go much beyond this.

‘We support any initiatives that support the conservation, preservation, and protection of wildlife,

including anti-poaching, protecting the environment, raising public awareness, and offering veterinary care to animals in need,’ the statement reads.

Additionally, this movie, which has already begun to go viral worldwide, is giving the Trust the fantastic exposure it so well deserves!

Watch the sweet video below

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