Wedding planning may be difficult, especially when it comes to selecting bridesmaids and groomsmen, but one woman found the perfect solution.

Alexandra Stamps, a fifth-grade teacher, didn’t think twice before asking her children to be her attendants and best man.

The Wichita, Kansas, Science and Technology Elementary School teacher was married to her longtime boyfriend Mason McDowell in July.

Mason, a third-grade teacher, wanted his kids to feel like they were part of the celebration.

The couple not only requested their students to attend their wedding, but also to serve as attendants.

I cherish having them in my life. Those are the people who support me the most, and I want them to be there with me, too,’ Alexandra said to the Wichita Eagle.

After recording Alexandra’s question to her class, she uploaded the video to TikTok, where it immediately gained over 19 million views.

As the film opens, Alexandra says, ‘I’m about to ask my pupils to be part of my wedding.We next see her in front of her class, saying, ‘Okay, so I have a pretty important thing to ask you all.’

Will you ladies be my junior bridesmaids at my wedding? It’s Khloe, Mary, Reagan, Angelina, Esmeralda, Lucy, Lily, Bella, and Harley. she inquires, and the girls affirm, ‘Yes!’

Do you want to be my junior groomsmen, Briyland, Max, Eric, Emilio, Kayden, Will, Conner, Jessie, Jose, and Sebastian? Next, she inquires, to which the boys’ quick response is ‘Yes!’.

According to Alexandra, about six or seven of their students began crying out of happiness at being asked.

Alexandra explained that she and her husband had asked their students since they spent so much time with them (forty hours a week) and cared deeply about them.

That’s why I figured it’d be amusing to have them participate in the events itself rather than just watching from the sidelines.

Basically, I just want to share this unique moment in my life with them. They deserve to be there with me because of all the hard work they’ve put in this year.

The fact that they not only survived the epidemic but thrived in it, and the personal growth I’ve witnessed in them over the course of this academic year.

Alexandra claimed she asked the parents for permission and then gave the females fake pearl necklaces and the boys fun pairs of sunglasses. They all donned rainbow colors after she made her proposal to the class.

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