A little boy is seen giving his premature sibling skin-to-skin in a picture. You will be surprised when you realize why he did that…

More often than anywhere else in the world, skin-to-skin contact as an alternative to exclusive incubation is advised for premature babies in the Scandinavian region of Europe.

It is commonly accepted that human contact improves the delicate children’s health and speeds up recovery compared to total seclusion inside a machine.

Our hearts are still in our hands, though, thanks to this wonderful image of a little boy helping his father hold his premature twin siblings against their skin.

The popular image was taken in 2016 at Copenhagen, Denmark’s Hvidovre Hospital. The NINO Birth Organization, based in South Africa, posted it on Facebook.

‘Skin-to-skin contact is not ‘new,’ but Sweden undoubtedly leads the pack in making this care family-friendly, even for very little babies,’ the description for the image said.

I adore the image of the older brother assisting the father in taking care of the twins.

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