Parents will always remember the gift their kids gave them for their 50th wedding anniversary.

50 years after driving away from their wedding in their 1965 Mustang, the happy couple unexpectedly stumbled upon the vehicle.

As an alternative, Tim and Ruth Bredahl’s daughters were in for a pleasant surprise.Tim and Ruth’s first ride as a married couple was in a fiery Mustang.

Tim spent his whole wedding day budget on a brand new car he’d been saving for. Once owned by the family for thirty years, the Mustang was finally put up for sale.

Michelle and her sister Heather were searching for their parents’ 50th wedding anniversary present when they stumbled onto the identical car in a broker’s warehouse.

Together, the happy couple unwrapped the package to reveal a tiny red sports vehicle and the original keys to their 1965 Mustang!

The perfect bumper sticker proclaiming ‘Just Married!’ is also present. It’s been fifty years since then. It’s the same chick; it’s the same person. Yes, it’s the same automobile.

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