When Big Brother cuddles up with Little Sister, it’s a happy time for everyone. Video

This video of a big brother cuddling his little sister is adorable. One could not ask for a happier moment.

A young boy and his younger sister sit on the couch and play together in the video. A soothing lullaby plays in the background as he gently presses his nose on her forehead.

To put it simply, it’s enough to make you swoon. He leans down and kisses her sweet little face before wrapping his arms around her.

The way he hugs her, wrapping his little arms around her little body, is adorable. Aw, look at this sweet scene! Such a cute and lovable little thing.

‘He sure is in love with his new baby,’ one viewer of the video remarked on YouTube. ‘Beautiful, very touching video,’ comments another viewer online.

Someone else agrees, saying, ‘They are magnificent.’Seeing the love and respect shared by this brother and sister in the video is a beautiful testament to the unique link shared by siblings.

The brother’s adoration for his little sister is palpable, and he’s lucky that his sibling will always be there for her as a role model and playmate as she develops.

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