The quintet that made a big splash years ago has grown up. See how they look like now!

Babies were born four years ago in the Odesa maternity hospital. Today we will show cute and touching photos of this beautiful family.

Oksana Kobeletskaya inspires millions of women. After her husband’s departure, she did not let go of her hands.

She was able to cope with raising six children alone. After all, the kids still have an older sister and she has become a successful woman.

Due to the appearance of such a large number of children, she had to learn new skills, for example, driving a minibus.

Now she can drive her family on errands and travel to different places. She was able to make a good home renovation.

But most importantly, she started a blog and started sharing her experience with women.

Now the kids have grown up. Now, each of the children showed their own unique character. At the moment they visit kindergarten.

You can follow the life and changes in Oksana’s family in her account. Recently, she made an interesting photo session for her children.

Photos immediately appeared on Oksana’s page. Look at this successful and happy mother of six children.

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