What is the figure of a woman with hips that are almost 2.5 meters wide?

It seems that the fashion for thin people is finally a thing of the past. Plus-size models are gaining more and more confidence.

And not the infamous ‘90-60-90’ figure, but the appetizing structure ‘like Kim’ is already considered the ideal proportion.

However, compared to the heroine of our story, Mrs. Kardashian’s size does not look at all expressive.

Michele Rufinelli was an ordinary girl in her teenage years. Of course, it was difficult to call her skinny, but, in general, nothing extraordinary.

However, after marriage and the birth of four children, the woman’s proportions began to gradually change.

In the end, Mikel’s hip circumference reached a record 2.4 meters. The woman’s weight also increased, gradually reaching 190 kg.

The woman has consulted doctors more than once because her eating habits have not changed so far.

Of course, the woman liked to eat tasty foods from time to time, but she did not eat harmful foods.

In the end, the doctors came to the conclusion that the problem is hereditary predisposition and internal changes associated with the birth of children.

As for Mikel, body features do not prevent her from leading a happy, fulfilling life.The woman has wonderful children and a husband who is in awe of his wife’s great size.

Mikel feels quite energetic and comfortable. Perhaps there are only a few minor inconveniences.

The woman has to sew all the clothes to order, because the stores have not even heard of her size.

She goes to restaurants carrying her own chair with a stable metal frame to avoid ‘unpleasant surprises’.

However, the happy woman considers all these to be small details that should not be overlooked.

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