A 101-year-old mum unexpectedly tells her son to stop the car for the sweetest reason! He was stunned!

Armand Foisy photographed her mother having fun in the snow.His mother asked him to pull over in the middle of nowhere.

He pulled out his camera to capture the memory, astounded by her mother’s abrupt request.

Her reaction to the pristine panorama in front of her astounded him.He was even surprised by how eager she was to get out of the car and onto the ice road.

Armand and his mother spend a lot of time together.The mother and son have a particular relationship.

They always make time to explore and appreciate the stunning beauty of Lillooet.He makes an effort to spend quality time with her whenever possible.

He couldn’t refuse her plea.So when she requested him to pull over on a snowy day, Armand immediately obliged.

He captured the scene on camera, astounded by her unexpected request.

Despite the cold, he couldn’t believe how content she was with all the snow around her.He slowed down the video to accentuate his mother’s reaction in order to enjoy it more.

The old lady’s reaction to the snow was wonderful.Albina Foisy had a good time in the freezing weather.

When the mother and boy went to explore Lillooet, it was snowing.

Armand’s mother noticed the natural gift that was right in front of her.She was unconcerned by the coldness around her and simply took her time admiring what she saw.

Albina fashioned a snowball.The 101-year-old lady knelt to get a handful of snow.She grabbed the snow chunk in her hands and gently patted it down.

Then she kept doing what she was doing until she had a snowball.She was able to make a ball despite not wearing gloves.

She was pleased with herself.You can see in the video how pleased she was with her snowball.She even laughs as she finishes her art.

Armand was overjoyed to see his mother enjoying the snow.Then she decided to toss it.

Albina tossed a snowball to the side of the road. She aimed cheerfully and mightily for a road sign but missed it.

They laughed at what had transpired and continued to enjoy the snow.Armand was surprised and even commented on his mother’s vitality despite her age.

The internet was likewise taken aback by Albina’s reply.The majority of those who saw the video were pleased to see how happy she was with all the snow that fell around her.

The video has already received over four million views.One of those who watched it stated,

‘This is such a happy film; it made me cry, and you are such a good son to understand and cherish moments like this with her, as I’m sure she was there for your first snowball.’

By watching the entire film, you will be encouraged to embrace every moment of your life!

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