5 Celebrities Who Lost Their Beauty Trying To Be Perfect. Before/after pictures below

Famous women know for sure that in our world they are judged by the ‘shirt’. They diligently correct all their flaws and surgeons, cosmetologists, trainers and nutritionists.

But excessive passion for plastic and cosmetic procedures can spoil beauty…These beauties have lost their beauty because of the passion for ’improvements’.

1.Meg Ryan

American actress and film producer who captivated audiences with her fragility and innocence. Her heroines were sweet and charming, touching and tender. It first appeared in the 1980s.

The actress decided on the first changes in the 2000s. But the fight against aging was not successful.

2.Kim Basinger

She became a symbol of sexuality and beauty, after the picture ‘Nine and a half weeks’. The films ‘Batman’, ’Marriage Habit’, ‘Secrets of Los Angeles’ only increased herpopularity.

She is successful and popular. The first plastic surgery was performed in her teens, the actress changed the shape of her nose and lips. The plastic surgery was not very successful.

But the actress did not refuse the services of plastic surgeons. Her face has lost facial expressions and it is difficult for her to express emotions.

3. Donatella Versace

She headed the Versace fashion house and achieved prosperity. Everyone knows her name, she is successful, talented and confident.

In his youth, she was beautiful, but the desire to correct her appearance played a cruel joke. Donatella breast augmentation, lift, fillers and changes…

4.Jackie Stallone

Sylvester Stallone’s mother used to be an actress. But the pursuit of youth spoiled her appearance.

5.Jocelyn Wildenstein

The American billionaire has become famous all over the world. Its explosive nature and failed plastics made it popular.

In 2016, he was taken by the police for trying to kill his friend (a 49-year-old fashion designer) with scissors.

The woman had plastic surgery for her billionaire husband, Alec Wildenstein. An avid hunter loved lions and his wife decided to become a ‘cat woman’.

But the marriage broke up, and the appearance was spoiled …

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