A Little Girl Struggling From an Extremely Rare Illness Takes Part in the Nutcracker Performance with the New York City Ballet…Look how excited she is dancing!

Audrey Nethery is a really talented young dancer. Despite having several extremely unusual medical issues, she embraces each day with fun and serves as an inspiration to the rest of us.

This girl, who is now nine years old, fails to develop normally. But Audrey is so powerful that she will not let anything hold her back from having a full life.

The talented kid has been taking Zumba classes in Louisville, Kentucky, where she has picked up some adorable chorographical techniques.

Furthermore, she possesses an impressive assortment of dolls.Her top three favorite bands are the Beatles, Mars, and Swift.

She has already endured almost 20 blood transfusions because of her illness, and she will need many more in the future.

Audrey’s growth is being stunted by the steroids she must take because she was also born with a cleft lip and a hole in her heart.

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